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Yoga’s Personal Development Program begins on January 25, 2020.  Application is available at the bottom of this page.


You missed your chance this year but please check with us for next year!


Dates: 12 weekends, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. both days with one-hour break for lunch

                      Specific Dates:   Jan 25-26, Feb 8-9, Feb 29-Mar 1, Mar 21-22, Apr 4-5, May 2-3  

                                              Summer break to integrate lessons and practice.  

                                              Fall dates:  Sept 19-20, Oct 10-11, Oct 24-25, Nov 7-8, Nov 21-22, Dec 5-6


Teachers:  Himalayan Institute certified trainers:  Michael Ketterhagen, PhD; Randy Nellessen, RYT-500, ERYT;  Luke Ketterhagen, RYT-500, ERYT.


Learn to be prosperous! 

Learn to be mentally sharp! 

Learn to be emotionally joyful! 

Learn to be a meaning-filled liver of life. 

Learn all the aspects of yoga—not just the physical!​

Learn the 8 – steps to complete prosperity and joy! 

Learn the complete yoga path.

Learn how a daily practice of the eight limbs of yoga can bring you prosperity on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.   Patanjali defines yoga as “the mastery of the roaming tendencies of the mind.” (Yoga Sutras 1:2)

Join the The Center’s Personal Development Program. 


It doesn’t matter how old we are, or how unhappy we find ourselves, or how chaotic our life seems to be, we can train ourselves to become full of physical life, full of mental joy, alive with love and peace, and surrounded by meaning and purpose.

Now, we must not be fooled into believing that this training will not be challenging.  Joy and happiness on all levels will not come instantaneously, without effort.  This is a training program meant for people who truly desire prosperity of body, mind and soul.

This program can start you on the path to becoming a certified yoga teacher, if you so wish. 

You will learn the following:

                --the yoga postures that bring you strength and happiness

                --the breathing methods that bring you in touch with the divine power within you

                --the yogic prayers that bring you to clarity of mind

                --the cleansing practices that remove the obstacles to prosperity and joy

                --the two dimensions of meditation

                --the five stages of meditation that brings us to our unconscious world and beyond

                --the lifestyle choices that release stress in our lives

                --the wisdom of the four paths of yoga practice as mentioned in the Yogic Writings

                --the introduction to the deeper dimensions of yoga as presented in the Yoga Sutras

                --the yogic definition of happiness and prosperity

                --the 8 limbs that lead to joy and happiness

                --the breathing that allows you to flow through life with ease and power

                --the energy centers of the body that fuel your drive to success and prosperity

                --the 4 relaxation methods that rejuvenate the body, mind and soul

                --the science of mantras

                --the science of connecting our aches and pains with our unconscious mental                                       thoughts

                --the use of affirmations and energy movement in the body to release and de-rail                                your aches and pains

                --the understanding of yoga philosophy and psychology as it applies to our Western                        thinking

And much more—

With others who desire to train themselves as well.


The number hours of class time at The Center varies for each weekend.  See the detailed Course Timeline for those variations.  The training program will include lecture, discussion, practice, journal writing, homework and an opportunity to explore with others our common desire for prosperity and happiness. 

Investment (Tuition):  $1,799 which includes $108 non-refundable registration fee, student manual and a one-year Center membership.


Payment plans:


           * Paid with registration: $108 not refundable (deducted from total cost)


           * Paid in full with registration by cash or check: $1,699 due by December 15, 2019 (includes                    the registration fee)---SAVE  $100 


           * Two tuition payments (does not include $108 registration fee): 

                               $796 due by January 25, 2020 and September 1, 2020, if paid by cash or check.

                               $821 due by January 25, 2020 and September 1, 2020, if paid by credit card.


            * Monthly payments via credit card: $145.00, due on the 10th day of each month

                from January-December, 2020, if paid by credit card.  $142/month, if paid by check or cash.


            * For special financial arrangements and/or scholarships:

               Contact Michael at  


***Questions and more information:

      call 920-921-9404 or email

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