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Yoga Classes at The Center

These are classes that anyone can attend at any time.  They vary based on focus and skill level.  

All The Center's teachers are certified Yoga Instructors in the Himalayan Tradition.


Hatha Yoga

This class introduces all the essentials of yoga practice through a variety of safe and relaxing yoga stretches and postures. Perfect for any age or activity level.


The active flow hatha class is a continuous practice for those interested in a more active and challenging class.  Accessible for beginners.

Weekend Yoga

These classes will get you moving Saturday and Sunday morning. Start the weekend with asanas and deep breathing for a sense of clarity and focus!

Outdoor Yoga

Yoga for Mental Health

Together, we provide a safe space for people living with any aspect of mental health concerns which effect daily life.  We recognize that “issues live in our tissues” and emphasize sincere confidentiality during brief, optional discussions.  (Sharing is always optional).  These discussions often offer a topic relevant to each of us which is woven together with the ancient wisdom of yoga.  Given the link between our physical, emotional and spiritual natures, it is not unusual for participants to experience physical or emotional connections to painful events of our past. This is a unique relationship to this yoga experience.


The class is open to anyone in our community with an interest in weaving yoga into other methods of coping with stresses and emotions of life.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga encourages physical and emotional relaxation through a series of supported poses. Each class will consist of 5-7 poses which are held for 7-15 minutes each. During each pose the body is greatly supported with bolsters (yoga pillows), blocks, blankets, straps and other tools that allow you to release and focus on your breath. The supportive poses held for a longer length of time allow us to breathe into our bodies and encourage the flow of blood and healing energy to joints, connective tissue, and muscles that don't always get our full attention. You’ll leave this class with a calm mind and body.


Chair Yoga

This special series will introduce a gentle practice in which postures are performed seated or with the aid of a chair. It is geared for people with physical challenges, the senior population or those who need support to assist with balance issues. The classes, which build on each week's postures, will help increase flexibility, strength and body awareness.

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