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Awards and Recognitions

Sister Helen Renzelmann Honored As First Spirituality & Healing Awardee


Sister Helen Renzelmann, CSA, was recently honored with the inaugural Spirituality & Healing Award by the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing “for her unfailing service and commitment to the mission of the Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing” (FCSH).  Dr. Michael Ketterhagen, Spiritual Director for The Center and an Associate of the Sisters of St Agnes, presented S. Helen with the award at the 35th anniversary celebration of The Grain of Wheat Community, Inc., FCSH’s non-profit sponsor.


Sister Helen was the first volunteer receptionist at FCSH (The Center) when it initially opened its doors on September 5, 2000.  She maintained her role at The Center until 2014. “She was the ‘face of the center’ for all those years,” says Ketterhagen.  “People coming into The Center would be greeted by her smile and her trademark ‘double-sided’ hug.”


Her involvement did not stop at the desk, though. Sister Helen initially came to the Center with some health concerns.  However, through her work with the healing modalities offered at The Center, namely, yoga, meditation, Feldenkrais, and acupuncture, and her purpose-filled retired life as The Center’s receptionist, she is still healthy, alert and active at age 98.


“Sister Helen received this award because of her work and because she modelled through her life the holistic healing that is needed in today’s world,” said Ketterhagen. “She is the first-ever recipient of this award and we look forward to giving it annually to others who fulfill The Center’s mission; namely, to serve people of diverse faiths and backgrounds by offering programs and services that support the continuous discovery/awareness of our oneness in the Source of Life, and to offer services that nurture wholeness of body, mind and spirit.”

Click below to view a video of her acceptance speech.

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